When Twitter announced version 2 of the company’s API, it revealed a development roadmap that seemed aggressive and much of the developer community was untrusting of promises made by a company that had let them down so frequently. Since then, Twitter has been working to make good on its promises to developers, most recently with the announcement of new API endpoints for Twitter Spaces. Today the company added to the list of API enhancements with new manage Tweets endpoints.

These new endpoints allow developers to tweet, delete tweets, post polls, use Reply settings, and tag people in images. The obvious benefit to developers is in the simplification of the bot building process that this provides. Twitter’s blog post announcing this addition spoke to a more broad benefit that it sees these APIs providing:

“Whether you’re an independent developer, student, business, or anything in between, the manage Tweets endpoints open up unlimited new use cases on the Twitter API v2. Use these foundational endpoints as a route to learn about APIs, reach or engage with your audience, enable new forms of expression, share critical information, or just have fun.”

These new endpoints also add functionality for integrating with Super Followers. This paid subscription model for following is still only available to a limited number of creators and Twitter has not announced a timeline for broader release. When released more broadly, programmatic access to Super Followers will enable custom workflows that could significantly expand the ability for creators to generate revenue.