StepZen has announced the release of two new free GraphQL tools that are intended to simplify the process of outlining and managing connections to APIs. GraphQL Studio and GraphQL Federation lack the full feature-set that StepZen has to offer, but provide powerful functionality to help developers get started. 

GraphQL Studio helps developers map out connections to both public and private APIs. As StepZen CEO and co-founder Anant Jhingran noted to TechCrunch, connections often vary in terms of data sources:

“So it is not the case that developers only deal with private APIs. It’s not the case that developers only deal with SaaS APIs. And what we want to do is to enable both sides of the story, and our GraphQL Studio is really starting from ‘here are your pre-finished APIs’ that you’re going to kind of pick and choose and then add your own secret sauce,”

GraphQL federation helps developers connect multiple graphs into a larger ecosystem that provides both flexibility and powerful insight into how data is connected.