parents take revenge on scalpers

Since they couldn’t get a PS5 for their child, one of the parents has now taken revenge on the scalpers.

The PS5 appeared over a year ago – but it is still not easy to buy the console in stores. Scalpers continue to make life difficult for gamers. One child has also been left empty-handed as a result. Now the parents draw the consequences and pay back the rip-offs.

This is how the PS5 reseller bots work

It’s great when people are proficient in programming, because it makes things easier for some. It doesn’t get nice, however, when this talent is exploited for lousy business. For example, with people who design reseller bots, who in the most recent example bought tons of PS5 consoles only to offer them a short time later on eBay at exorbitant prices.

They’re programmed to get the most profit, but that doesn’t mean they’re always smart. One parent has now taken advantage of this out of revenge.

Parents take revenge with eBay trick

The first pre-orders of the PS5 were really under a bad star – literally, after all, it was the dead of night when the console was sold out at the first mail order companies within minutes. Accordingly, children and young people in particular found it difficult to secure the desired product in good time.

Parents are left with little choice but to comfort their offspring – unless one is planning a campaign of revenge. So one parent sat down, drew a PlayStation 5, and put the final product up for sale on eBay. The keyword “PS5” was apparently enough for the bots to fall for it and snap at the offer.

In the end, the seller only made a profit of 4.73 euros, but this is about the principle and there is still a small sum for the son’s money box.

We recommend you: Don’t feed the bots, because in the end you only pay for it.

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