Black Friday 2021: Perhaps the saddest offer for gamers yet

In Cyber ​​Week, many gamers lurk for possible hardware bargains. But you’d better avoid a current Black Friday deal from Amazon.

Perhaps the saddest offer: Cyber-Week is in full swing, so with the current prices for graphics cards, some gamers are hoping to have to dig a little less into their pockets for a new GPU. A current Black Friday deal only makes it clear once more how absurd the situation is at the moment. At the end of this article, we will discuss whether the hope for bargains on graphics cards is generally justified.

What offer is it about? If you use the Black Friday offers filter function on the Amazon graphics card page, you will find a supposedly silent graphics card for games that is reduced by 20.70 euros for Prime members as part of Black Friday:

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Black Friday 2021: Perhaps the saddest offer for gamers yet

Even the regular price of around 100 euros should make players sit up and take notice, especially in the current time. Dedicated graphics cards that are really worth their money were rarely available for 100 euros or less, and in this price range you have to generally expect major compromises in terms of resolution and graphics quality due to the low performance.

A relic from 2011 but perhaps the saddest offer

The graphics card on offer is also an AMD Radeon HD 6450, which is more than ten years old and actually long since retired. Even back then, it was not really intended for gaming and usually had costs in the range of 30 to 40 for its lifetime Euros changed hands.

Possibly these are models that were formerly intended for OEM computers and that are now supposed to find new buyers in the context of the graphics card crisis. The said offer did not appear on Amazon until the beginning of 2021, at that time for about 50 euros, as data from the Keepa service show:

Black Friday 2021: Perhaps the saddest offer for gamers yet

How much gaming is there in the graphics card?

If you don’t want to play very old games in the lowest resolution and with low details: none at all. Even in test reports from 2011, titles that were current at the time often only showed single-digit FPS values, although some measurements were only made in 720p (1280×720).

If you already have a PC with an Intel CPU, the chances are good that your processor has an integrated graphics unit that is faster on the way. Even the integrated GPU (iGPU) of the eleven-year-old classic Core i7 2600K can do more with a theoretical performance of 0.26 teraflops (Radeon HD 6450: 0.2 teraflops).

Such an iGPU has to fall back on the system memory due to the lack of VRAM, which can definitely lead to a loss of performance. But that doesn’t change the fact that gamers should keep their hands off the Radeon HD 6450. At the same time, it can generally be a good idea to use an iGPU on a low budget.

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