Just over a year ago, OpenAI announced the release of its API for access to the company’s GPT-3 language model for advanced natural language processing. Previously, access to this API required joining an extensive waitlist, which is now a thing of the past.

At launch, OpenAI summarized the abilities of the API by stating that:

“We’ve designed the API to be both simple for anyone to use but also flexible enough to make Machine Learning teams more productive. In fact, many of our teams are now using the API so that they can focus on machine learning research rather than distributed systems problems. Today the API runs models with weights from the GPT-3 family with many speed and throughput improvements.”

Clearly, the AI supporting this API allows for powerful language processing that could be used for nefarious purposes if safeguards are not in place. OpenAI spent the last year ensuring that its language model won’t be used for unintended purposes, which is now allowing the organization to expand access. 

“We’re excited to have the safeguards in place to open up GPT-3 for more developers. As our safeguards continue to improve, we will expand how the API can be used while further improving the experience for our users. Sign up today and try it out.”