Developer legend Chris Roberts has been working on his space game Star Citizen for more than 10 years, which is still in the alpha phase. Normally you have to buy a starter package to get access to the pre-release version of the game – but now you can play the game for free until the beginning of December.

Star Citizen: So you can play the sci-fi game for free

Free promotion: Play Star Citizen for free for a short time.. Since the official start of the development phase, Star Citizen has already raised more than 400 million US dollars through crowdfunding. A lot has happened to the game in recent years and a lot of content has been added to the ambitious sci-fi hit. If you want to get a picture of Star Citizen yourself, you actually have to buy a so-called starter package on the official website. The cheapest is currently around 44 euros.

But if you prefer to save the money and still want to get a first impression of the game, you’re in luck. Between November 19th and December 1st, 2021 you can play Star Citizen completely free of charge. Simply download the game via the launcher, create an account and you can move freely through the game world.

Just don’t forget: Star Citizen is quite complex. So if you have never had contact with the game before, you may be a bit overwhelmed. But that’s exactly what the guide system is for. You can have an experienced player assigned to you as a companion who will take your first steps in space with you and teach you the basic mechanics.

When will Star Citizen be finished?

That is currently still in the stars. There is a roadmap on the official website that shows which content is to be published in the coming quarters – but there is no date for the final release to be seen there. What is certain is that the development of the space game is unlikely to end in the coming year.

In addition, potential players should not forget that the single player section of Star Citizen Squadron 42 has now been decoupled and is sold separately. Cost: Almost 50 euros. The single player campaign is also still in development.