These free games will be available to customers of Amazon Prime in December 2021

In December, Amazon Prime Gaming comes up with a few real game hits.

Here you can find out which games and advantages the subscribers can expect.

Free games at Amazon Prime – As expected, December follows November – and Amazon Prime customers can look forward to a new range of games that are included in the subscription. Including a few real top-class players such as the building strategy hit Frostpunk and the management simulation Football Manager 21.

This is how you get the games: From December 1st, simply visit the Prime Gaming promotions page, log in with your Amazon account and claim the games for yourself. After that you can keep them permanently.

Are you not a customer of Amazon at all and would you prefer to browse cheap offers? You might find what you are looking for in the Black Friday deals:


Genre: building strategy
Release: April 24, 2018

The building strategy game Frostpunk from the developers of This War of Mine shines with momentous decisions, sophisticated strategy gameplay and accurate art design. In a new Ice Age, as the leader of a frozen heap of survivors, you are responsible for their well-being, which stands or falls with the construction of a settlement around a life-giving steam generator. Exactly the right game for the cold season!

Football Manager 2021

Genre: management simulation
Release: November 24, 2020

The ball has to roll, even during the winter break: With the Football Manager 2021 you can train and manage your dream team even at Christmas time. If you can do without the 22 in the title, with the 21 offshoot you also get the best manager of recent years, who can make inveterate tactical foxes happy with the most realistic image of the modern world of football. Get it at Amazon Prime!

Journey to the Savage Planet

Genre: first person shooter
Release: January 28, 2020

As the newest recruit of the fourth best space exploration company Kindred Aerospace, you can explore the wild planet ARY-26 in Journey to the Savage Planet.

In addition to extraterrestrial flora and fauna with curious peculiarities, there is a mysterious truth slumbering on the alien planet, which you should ventilate.

Even more free games in December 2021

In addition to our highlights above, there will be more free games with a subscription from Amazon Prime in December 2021. Including a worthwhile trip for racing players and a must-have for fans of classic point & click adventures.

Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remastered

Youtubers Life (influencer simulation)

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel without a Pulse

Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack (The Guybrush Threepwood Full Pack)
Morkredd (physics-based co-op puzzle game)
Spellcaster University (Rector Management Game)