Fidel API, a provider of financial infrastructure services, has announced the launch of a new API that is designed to streamline connecting with real-time payment card data for the development of financial management products. The Transaction Stream API is free to test and the company has provided an updated Sandbox environment for this purpose. 

The company provided press release announcing the new API outlined the value of this solution for developers working in the financial services industry. The announcement noted that:

“With the new Transaction Stream API, developers building commercial solutions can provide real-time spend visibility to HR and Finance teams and reduce time spent by employees manually filing expense reports. Developers building consumer applications for expense management can make real-time decisions on a card purchase programmatically, triggering event-driven experiences such as personalized alerts and insights for consented cardholders the moment they transact.”

This API is the result of a 5-year partnership with Visa that paved the way for this level of Integration. Brian Cole, SVP and head of North America Product for Visa stated that, “their tools are helping drive the future of Fintech innovation and transforming existing payments processes, like expense management. We are excited to help expand their product offerings.”