Official Virtual Fan Engagement Partner

Official Virtual Fan Engagement Partner

Sony to become the Official Virtual Fan Engagement Partner of Manchester City Football Club

Combining Sony’s Technologies and Club’s Content to Develop New Digital Fan Experience

Sony Group Corporation (hereafter “Sony”) is collaboratively exploring with Manchester City Football Club (hereafter “Manchester City”). To maximize the potential of online fan engagement experiences. 

Sony will conduct a PoC (proof of concept) as an official virtual Fan Engagement Partner with Manchester City.

Aiming to develop new forms of digital content and services. Sony will integrate the physical and virtual worlds to excite and engage both existing and next generation of sports fans across the globe. The PoC will leverage the technologies of multiple Sony group companies and the global IP of Manchester City.  

This initial partnership with Manchester City marks another step for Sony’s effort to accelerate its commitment to the sporting community. Sony has already developed successful Virtual Fan Engagement in sports, music and the wider entertainment industries.  

Sony to become the Official Virtual Fan Engagement Partner of Manchester City Football Club

Where fans can gather to interact with other fans.

The focus of this PoC is to create a global online fan community as a Official Virtual Fan Engagement Partner. . The team and establish new levels of connectivity with the Club within a virtual recreation of the Etihad Stadium. The Virtual Etihad Stadium will not only be a realistic rendering of the stadium in Manchester, UK. It will also be a point of access to unique virtual experiences for fans, from fully customizable avatars to next-generation interactive loyalty programs, all new methods of expressing their fandom. 

The PoC will leverage Sony’s cutting-edge image analysis and sensing technologies, as well as the leading Electronic Performance Tracking Systems (skeletal tracking and data manipulation/Virtual Recreation technology) of Sony’s Hawk-Eye Innovations [*]. The PoC will explore new ways to use this technology to engage sports fans from anywhere in the world.

[*] Hawk-Eye Innovations is Sony’s wholly owned subsidiary. They have been at the forefront of sports officiating and broadcast enhancement technology since 2001 with vision-processing, video replay and creative graphic technologies that make sport fairer, safer, more engaging and better informed. 

“Through this PoC, Sony will support Manchester City as a Official Virtual Fan Engagement Partner. We will further increase the value of its content and engagement with its fans around the world. Sony aims to create an online fan engagement platform that brings the Club and its global fans closer together. Demonstrating our commitment to the sports entertainment business and supporting our partners in seeking new opportunities,” 

said Toshimoto Mitomo, Officer in charge of Intellectual Property and Business Incubation Platform, Sony Group Corporation. 
Sony to become the Official Virtual Fan Engagement Partner of Manchester City Football Club

“At Manchester City we have a strong pedigree of continuously embracing the latest technologies to enhance our operation. With particular focus on exploring ways to engage and entertain our global fanbase. This partnership with Sony puts City at the development stage of an exciting project and that will create immersive digital fan experiences. It have never been seen before in football and we’re looking forward to launching this collaboration. Bringing together Sony’s industry-leading technologies with the global network of Manchester City fans,” 

said Nuria Tarre, Chief Marketing & Fan Experience Officer, City Football Group.

About Sony Group Corporation  

Sony Group Corporation is a creative entertainment company with a solid foundation of technology. From Game & Network Services to Music, Pictures, Electronics Products & Solutions, Imaging & Sensing Solutions and Financial Services. Sony’s purpose is to fill the world with emotion through the power of creativity and technology.   

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About Sony Europe B.V.

Sony Europe B.V. is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation and is headquartered in UK. We drive Sony’s leading Electronics Products & Solutions business for consumer and professional markets. As well as Imaging & Sensing Solutions business across Europe. From R&D and engineering, design, to sales, marketing, distribution and customer service. We work to deliver Sony’s purpose to fill the world with emotion through the power of creativity and technology. 

About Manchester City Football Club 

Manchester City FC is an English Premier League club initially founded in 1880 as St Mark’s West Gorton. It officially became Manchester City FC in 1894 and has since then gone onto win the European Cup Winners’ Cup. Seven League Championship titles, including five Premier League titles (2012, 2014, 2018, 2019, 2021), and six FA Cups. Manchester City FC is one of 11 clubs comprising the City Football Group. It counts New York City FC and Melbourne City FC among its sister clubs. 

Under manager Pep Guardiola, he is one of the most highly decorated managers in world football. The Club plays its domestic and UEFA Champions League home fixtures at the Etihad Stadium. At a spectacular 55,000 seat arena that City have called home since 2003. Today, the Stadium sits on the wider Etihad Campus, which also encompasses the City Football Academy. Its a state-of-the-art performance training and youth development facility located in the heart of East Manchester. Featuring a 7,000 capacity Academy Stadium, the City Football Academy is also where Manchester City Women’s Football Club is. And the Elite Development Squad train on a daily basis and play their competitive home games. 

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Nvidia’s secret new graphics card

Nvidia’s secret new graphics card

Nvidia’s secret new graphics card costs 4,000 euros.

Nvidia has another new graphics card on offer – but only sells it quietly.

The model cannot be found on the official website or in the shop. The GPU is only available from third-party providers. Current cost: a little more than 4,000 euros. You can’t even gamble with the card. However, as initial reports show, it might still be worth taking a look for miners.

CMP 170HX: Nvidia is making a big secret out of the new mining graphics card

Normally Nvidia fires out of all marketing pipes to launch a new graphics card. But there wasn’t even a press release when the latest model was released. The new graphics card is the Nvidia CMP 170HX. A GPU that was specially designed for mining cryptocurrencies and whose technical data is accordingly very different from a normal gaming graphics card.

Nvidia's secret new graphics card
Nvidia’s secret new graphics card

For example, the new mining model relies on expensive HBM2e graphics memory, which offers significantly more memory bandwidth than the gaming models. In relation: the RTX 3090 offers around 1 TB per second, the CMP 170HX, on the other hand, achieves almost 1.5 TB per second. This increase in performance, which is also reflected in a significantly higher hashrate (CMP 170HX: 160 MH / s @ 200 watts vs. RTX 3090: 95 MH / s @ 350 watts). It is being paid for by dealers.

More than 4,200 euros are currently being called for the graphics card (source: Viperatech). This may seem damn expensive at first, for miners. But on the other hand, the investment could actually be worthwhile if they can get cheap electricity and the price of Ethereum and Co. remains stable.

Nvidia’s secret new graphics card is not for PC gamers

PC gamers, on the other hand, should avoid the graphics card – not just because of the high price. Since the GPU has been optimized for mining, it lacks many features that you would expect from a normal graphics card. For example, there are no video outputs with which you could connect the graphics card to your monitor.

A fan has also been omitted, so that the graphics card quickly overheats without corresponding separate cooling. And since the model is not listed on Nvidia’s website, there are no Windows drivers anywhere. Instead, the corresponding software package has to be downloaded and installed from other websites – and even then, compatibility with many programs cannot be guaranteed.

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How Microsoft is tricking

How Microsoft is tricking

How Microsoft is tricking Windows 11 into feeling faster than Windows 10

How can it be that Windows 11 runs faster than Windows 10 when the two operating systems are almost identical?

Anyone who has already made the switch to Windows 11 will have noticed that Microsoft’s new operating system somehow runs a bit faster than Windows 10. Browsers and programs just start a little faster.

And that although technically they hardly differ from each other. The biggest changes are of a purely cosmetic nature, such as the rounded corners of the windows, the new context menu, revised system sounds and animations, not to mention the start menu and the taskbar.

When looking at the performance in games, we also see that the two operating systems perform almost identically. The inevitable question is whether Windows 11 is really faster than Windows 10. And if it isn’t, why does it feel faster?

Microsoft pulls out all the stops

A pinch of deception
If we take a closer look at the program starts, we find that they can be opened practically as quickly under Windows 11 as under Windows 10. However, Microsoft has revised the visual appearance of the operating system and added a few small animations and effects, among other things.

And it is precisely these animations and effects that make the difference: For example, the icons in the taskbar jump briefly when we minimize or maximize a window. At the same time, the opening or closing windows are highlighted with a new and very flowing animation.

This gives us prompt feedback and gives us the feeling of interacting more directly with the operating system. Every click immediately has a noticeable or visible effect. We therefore perceive the animations less as waiting. Meanwhile, Windows 11 uses every millisecond in the background to load the relevant application.

Tricking from Microsoft or a touch of optimization?

Microsoft is tricking Windows 11 into feeling faster than Windows 10 and although Windows 11 is actually not faster than Windows 10, a lot has changed under the hood. Because Microsoft has significantly revised the resource management:

Programs running in the foreground are given higher priority so that they still run smoothly even if another program in the background is already consuming a large part of the computing power. This is different in Windows 10. For example, if you are rendering a video and want to surf the net at the same time, the browser may not run smoothly and annoying lags may occur.

In addition, Windows 11 holds back some of the resources for the surface of the operating system. The start menu, task manager and the like react really quickly even when the workload is very high. This makes the whole system feel more reliable and responsive.

Older, inferior systems in particular benefit noticeably from the revised resource management. But new computers do not go away empty-handed either.

What about with you? Have you already switched to Windows 11, or are you still staying with Windows 10? And if you’ve already upgraded or reinstalled, what is your experience with Microsoft’s new operating system? Let us know and write it in the comments!

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Secure deployments with OpenID Connect & GitHub Actions now generally available

Secure deployments with OpenID Connect & GitHub Actions now generally available

Continuous delivery workflows in GitHub Actions can deploy software, create and update cloud infrastructure, and use other services in a cloud provider, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or HashiCorp.

As a part of our effort to make GitHub Actions easier and more secure, we are announcing general availability of GitHub Actions support for OpenID Connect (OIDC). Now that Actions supports OIDC, you can take a more secure cloud deployment approach by configuring your workflow to request a short-lived access token directly from the cloud provider. Many providers support OIDC, including AWS, Azure, GCP, and HashiCorp Vault.

OIDC + GitHub Actions = <3

Without OIDC, you would need to store a credential or token as an encrypted secret in GitHub and present that secret to the cloud provider every time it runs. The new OIDC support gives you a very clear separation of the configuration that you need to manage in GitHub and the permissions that you need to manage in the cloud portal, making cloud deployments simpler to set up and more secure.

No long-lived cloud secrets: You won’t need to add long-lived cloud credentials as GitHub secrets and worry about token expiry and rotating them. Instead, you can configure the OIDC trust on your cloud provider, and then update your workflows to request a short-lived access token from the cloud provider through OIDC.

Authentication and authorization management: You have more granular control over which workflows can access cloud resources by using your cloud provider’s authentication (authN) and authorization (authZ) tools.

Rotating credentials: With OIDC, your cloud provider issues a short-lived access token that is only valid for a single workflow job, and then automatically expires.

How it works

  1. Developers set up OIDC trust on their cloud roles to manage access between their deployment workflows and cloud resources.
  2. In each deployment, a GitHub Actions workflow can now mint an auto-generated OIDC token. This token has all the metadata needed to get a secure, verifiable identity for the workflow that’s trying to authenticate.
  3. Cloud login actions can fetch this token and present it to their respective clouds.
  4. The cloud provider then validates the claims in the OIDC token against the cloud role definition and provides a short-lived access token. Actions and steps within the same workflow job can use this access token to connect and deploy to the cloud resources. The token expires when the workflow job completes.

Get started today

To make it easy to use OIDC to deploy, we have worked with popular cloud partners, like AWSAzureGCP, and HashiCorp to add OIDC support to their official login actions. Learn more about how you can secure your cloud deployments by using OIDC. Additionally, check out our GitHub Universe talk on Open ID Connect (OIDC) support in GitHub.

Vercel, Creator of Next.js, Raises $150M

Vercel, Creator of Next.js, Raises $150M

Announcing $150M to build the end-to-end platform for the modern Web

Our mission is to make the Web. Faster. We’re excited to announce $150 million in Series D funding at a valuation of over $2.5 billion. We’ll use this funding to accelerate how we:

Support open-source projects

As a company with deep roots in open-source technology, we believe in the power of communities to create a faster Web. We’ve seen this first-hand with Next.js, a collaboration of more than 1,800 developers with now over 2 million weekly installs.In addition to creating and maintaining Next.js and other open-source projects, we sponsor popular libraries and frameworks like Nuxt, Astro, webpack, Babel, NextAuth, Parcel, and Unified. We work with hundreds of communities across the Web to donate free Vercel accounts to support their projects. Most recently, we welcomed Rich Harris to Vercel to work full-time on Svelte, the powerful open-source framework.

We’ll continue to support projects that contribute to a better Web ecosystem.

Make the Web Edge-first

We believe the modern Web is at the Edge and embraces the open Web platform.Our customers are already embracing this new paradigm of Web development rooted in Edge-aware capabilities. Since our Series A in April 2020, traffic on the Vercel Edge Network has grown over 700%. Large ecommerce organizations are realizing agile and tailored Web experiences are the future of buying online. Startups are building their products with an Edge-first mentality from the beginning because they know that’s where the Web is going and should be.Last month we released Edge Functions, which unlock the ability to run normally-complex personalization without performance implications or client-side burden. But this is just the beginning of what’s possible when your code and infrastructure are deeply integrated.

Sony Cybershot DSC-RX 100 VII

Sony Cybershot DSC-RX 100 VII

Sony Cybershot DSC-RX 100 VII:

The top camera falls below the magical 1,000 euro mark

The RX 100 VII from Sony is the queen of compact cameras. There is no other camera that offers so much in such a small format. That has its price, because the camera is definitely not cheap. On Black Friday, however, the Sony RX 100 VII falls below the 1,000 euro mark – a top price.

In our list from codezone of the best, the Sony Cybershot RX100 VII is in second place – tied with the test winner, the Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ1000 II, which is significantly larger and heavier. In detail, the Sony even offers a slightly better picture quality and a slightly better performance. However, the battery is a bit weak, which is why investing in a second battery could be worthwhile, and touch controls have also been omitted. However, these are only minor details in view of the otherwise outstanding performance.

Note: You pay 1,089 euros for the Sony RX100 VII. However, you will get 100 euros back directly from the manufacturer (cashback). The effective deal price is therefore 989 euros.

Our conclusion at the time of the Sony Cybershot DSC-RX 100 VII test:

“The Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 VII convinces in all test disciplines: Sharpness and resolution are unparalleled, the equipment is also pleasing with many premium features. The lightning-fast autofocus and the rapid series image function of 20 frames per second ensure top marks in terms of speed in the test. Therefore only the price can be criticized, because despite the great features, the Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 VII is still a compact camera with a built-in zoom lens. “