Nvidia’s secret new graphics card

Nvidia’s secret new graphics card

Nvidia’s secret new graphics card costs 4,000 euros.

Nvidia has another new graphics card on offer – but only sells it quietly.

The model cannot be found on the official website or in the shop. The GPU is only available from third-party providers. Current cost: a little more than 4,000 euros. You can’t even gamble with the card. However, as initial reports show, it might still be worth taking a look for miners.

CMP 170HX: Nvidia is making a big secret out of the new mining graphics card

Normally Nvidia fires out of all marketing pipes to launch a new graphics card. But there wasn’t even a press release when the latest model was released. The new graphics card is the Nvidia CMP 170HX. A GPU that was specially designed for mining cryptocurrencies and whose technical data is accordingly very different from a normal gaming graphics card.

Nvidia's secret new graphics card
Nvidia’s secret new graphics card

For example, the new mining model relies on expensive HBM2e graphics memory, which offers significantly more memory bandwidth than the gaming models. In relation: the RTX 3090 offers around 1 TB per second, the CMP 170HX, on the other hand, achieves almost 1.5 TB per second. This increase in performance, which is also reflected in a significantly higher hashrate (CMP 170HX: 160 MH / s @ 200 watts vs. RTX 3090: 95 MH / s @ 350 watts). It is being paid for by dealers.

More than 4,200 euros are currently being called for the graphics card (source: Viperatech). This may seem damn expensive at first, for miners. But on the other hand, the investment could actually be worthwhile if they can get cheap electricity and the price of Ethereum and Co. remains stable.

Nvidia’s secret new graphics card is not for PC gamers

PC gamers, on the other hand, should avoid the graphics card – not just because of the high price. Since the GPU has been optimized for mining, it lacks many features that you would expect from a normal graphics card. For example, there are no video outputs with which you could connect the graphics card to your monitor.

A fan has also been omitted, so that the graphics card quickly overheats without corresponding separate cooling. And since the model is not listed on Nvidia’s website, there are no Windows drivers anywhere. Instead, the corresponding software package has to be downloaded and installed from other websites – and even then, compatibility with many programs cannot be guaranteed.

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Sony Cybershot DSC-RX 100 VII

Sony Cybershot DSC-RX 100 VII

Sony Cybershot DSC-RX 100 VII:

The top camera falls below the magical 1,000 euro mark

The RX 100 VII from Sony is the queen of compact cameras. There is no other camera that offers so much in such a small format. That has its price, because the camera is definitely not cheap. On Black Friday, however, the Sony RX 100 VII falls below the 1,000 euro mark – a top price.

In our list from codezone of the best, the Sony Cybershot RX100 VII is in second place – tied with the test winner, the Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ1000 II, which is significantly larger and heavier. In detail, the Sony even offers a slightly better picture quality and a slightly better performance. However, the battery is a bit weak, which is why investing in a second battery could be worthwhile, and touch controls have also been omitted. However, these are only minor details in view of the otherwise outstanding performance.

Note: You pay 1,089 euros for the Sony RX100 VII. However, you will get 100 euros back directly from the manufacturer (cashback). The effective deal price is therefore 989 euros.

Our conclusion at the time of the Sony Cybershot DSC-RX 100 VII test:

“The Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 VII convinces in all test disciplines: Sharpness and resolution are unparalleled, the equipment is also pleasing with many premium features. The lightning-fast autofocus and the rapid series image function of 20 frames per second ensure top marks in terms of speed in the test. Therefore only the price can be criticized, because despite the great features, the Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 VII is still a compact camera with a built-in zoom lens. “

Black Friday: buy gaming monitors

Black Friday: buy gaming monitors

Black Friday: buy gaming monitors

Black Friday Gaming Monitors: Offers with great discounts.

This year’s Black Friday 2021 invites you to shop. Gamers will also find what they are looking for at Amazon. Codezone has compiled the best offers for “Black Friday Gaming Monitors” here.

Throwing something away, that works with a powerful gaming PC, but it only looks half as nice without a proper monitor. If you are looking for a cheap model, you will get your money’s worth on Black Friday 2021. Amazon has lowered the price of various gaming monitors. Some of the devices are sold online at a discount of more than 40 percent! Black Friday Gaming Monitor deals include models from MSI and AOC. The editors have compiled the best offers for you below. But also in many other areas offer providers with strong discounts – summarized for you in the


MSI Optix MAG272C-002 on Amazon

The MSI Optix MAG272C-002 is a curved gaming monitor. The crooked umbrella is supposed to pull gamblers deeper into the action. In addition, the MSI is pretty fix. The manufacturer specifies the frame rate with one millisecond, the frame rate is 165 Hertz. This can be crucial in multiplayer battles. Because the higher the frame rate, the higher the sharpness of movement and the easier it is to aim. You can connect the monitor to the gaming PC via HDMI.

AOC Gaming 27G2U on Amazon

The AOC Gaming 27G2U wants to score with a large 27-inch display. It offers a frame rate of 144 Hertz and supports FreeSync Premium. AMD graphics cards can therefore match the image to the monitor. In addition to an HDMI connection, there is also a DisplayPort connection. A USB hub is also built into the AOC.

Acer Predator XB273GX on Amazon

The Acer Predator XB273GX should especially score with multiplayer. The resolution of 1920×1080 pixels at 27 inches is easy on the graphics card. It offers a frame rate of up to 240 Hertz and is compatible with Nvidia’s GSync technology. In addition, the monitor does not fill up the sockets so quickly: In addition to two HDMI 2.0s, a DisplayPort connection is built in. Good for longer sessions: the monitor can be adjusted in height.

MSI Optix G241 on Amazon

The MSI Optix G241 doesn’t have that much luxury, but it is cheap on Black Friday. The 24-inch monitor displays images in Full HD, is compatible with AMD FreeSync and offers a frame rate of 144 Hertz. Connect the console and PC via HDMI or DisplayPort.

Lenovo Legion Y25-25 on Amazon

The Lenovo Legion Y25-25 has everything on board that real gamers need. He shows pictures with 1920×1080 pixels, the frequency is 240 Hertz. It is compatible with AMD FreeSync, offers an HDMI and a DisplayPort connection – and is currently particularly cheap.

Epic Games: Two free games in the sales chaos

Epic Games: Two free games in the sales chaos

Epic Games: Two free games in the sales chaos – next week comes Dead by Daylight.

In the middle of the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Week sales chaos, Epic is also throwing two new free games among the people. Are the two titles worth it and what will happen next week?

We’d like to make a few comments about next week’s free game, Dead by Daylight. The title came out in 2016 and has almost 400,000 user reviews on Steam, with an approval rate of 82 percent. So you can say that the asymmetrical 4v1 horror game from developer Behavior Interactive is extremely well known and loved. Only the base game will be given away next week and that is not unimportant. In the five years since its release, a truckload of DLCs has appeared, including well-known killer machines from horror films such as Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Pinhead. These extensions are what make the title so appealing and currently have a Steam value of 225.72 euros.

It’s Thursday, 5 p.m., and the bargain hunters are hoofing their feet to pay homage to the unlocking of the new free games at Epic Games. Two new titles are coming up and they’ll come sooner than the trio last week.


Two games this week: what’s in it?

First of all: Currently most of the players are more likely to be in a sales frenzy, even at Epic, because even if Black Friday was originally just a bargain day, the whole thing is now growing into weeks. Black Friday Week, Cyber ​​Week, Black Week, there are no limits to creativity. And still there is something for free today – two games at the same time.

From the first game, Antstream Arcade, little has been heard of so far. No wonder, because the game has not yet been “sold” on Steam or Epic. The basic game doesn’t cost anything either, but you need in-game currency for it. A € 15 package is now offered free of charge with gems that can be used for games, challenges and tournaments. The description reads: “Get 1,090 Gems for free to use in games! With this in-game currency you can play games, challenges and time-limited tournaments! You can also use Gems to unlock more difficult challenges and against turn-based PvP games your friends and other players to play. “

Either way, the hunting game The Hunter: Call of the Wild is a completely different “caliber”. Even if the animal welfare organization PETA should not be amused: The title has 75,000 (!) User reviews on Steam with an approval rate of 86 percent since the release in 2017. The description says: “Experience an incomparable, atmospheric hunting game in a realistic and breathtaking open world. Play the single player campaign or experience the ultimate hunting experience with your friends in multiplayer “. Of course there are other “DLCs” here, which then also cost additional money. Only the basic game is then available for free.

And what will happen next week?

There is already a little preview of the coming week – Dead by Daylight, the multiplayer horror game, is announced. And game number 2 it’s a puzzle / simulation game about more puzzles and riddles: the keywords are machine learning, neural networks, big data and AI.

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Are graphics cards getting cheaper?

Are graphics cards getting cheaper?

Are graphics cards getting cheaper? Leak gives hope – how realistic is that?

Intel’s cheap graphics card for beginners, the Alchemist A128, is said to be as fast as the GTX 1650 Super and cost as much as the Nvidia graphics card when it was released almost three years ago.

To report about the lack of graphics cards and the unfortunately drastically increased prices for them is probably as little fun as reading about them. There is rarely any reason for hope – and that too was a long time ago.

Unfortunately, this is probably not much different with this news. Although at first it even looks like a little light at the end of the tunnel. And that’s supposed to be donated to us by Intel, of all people, who are not known for their low prices anyway.

Cheap Intel graphics card reportedly for $ 179

Because as the leaker and Youtuber Moore’s Law Is Dead reports in a current video, Intel is planning to use an entry-level graphics card in the performance class of a GTX 1650 Super, which can be had for 179 US dollars or even less. You can watch the full video in English here:

Specifically, it is a GPU from the Intel Alchemist series with 128 Execution Units (EUs), corresponding to 1,024 computing units, a maximum clock rate of 2.2 to 2.5 GHz, 75 watts of power consumption and 6.0 GB of video memory. Wide-ranging availability can be expected in the late second quarter of 2022.

The alleged specs of this graphics card at a glance:

Model: DG2-128
Execution Units: 128
Shader: 1,024
Clock rate: 2.2 to 2.5 GHz
Power consumption: 75 watts

How realistic is less than 200 euros for a graphics card?

It is actually sad to be happy about a graphics card that will be at the same performance and price level around mid-2022 as an entry-level GPU three years ago. In our opinion, it is only a little sadder that this is completely unrealistic in view of the current situation. It seems much more likely that the graphics card will cost twice as much. The reasons for this are very simple.

There is no end in sight to the shortage of chips. Nvidia and other companies from the semiconductor industry are expecting continued bottlenecks for the whole of the coming year.

Are graphics cards getting cheaper? Leak gives hope – how realistic is that?

Intel will probably not be able to take a special route, especially since the graphics chips do not come from their own production, but production capacities are rented from the Taiwanese contract manufacturer TSMC. And they are in great demand: AMD, Nvidia, Apple, companies from the automotive industry and other branches of industry, to name just a few, have long been queuing up.

Are they getting cheaper now?

In short: We don’t think that graphics cards will be available at a street price of less than 200 dollars / euro in six months. About the EIA, perhaps, but it has long since lost its importance in the wake of the crisis.

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Geforce RTX 2060: Modder doubles memory

Geforce RTX 2060: Modder doubles memory

Geforce RTX 2060: Modder doubles memory before the release of the 12 GiB model.

Modder doubles memory before the release of the 12 GiB model.

A Russian modder helped Nvidia’s Geforce RTX 2060 to get 12 instead of 6 GiB GDDR6 RAM by means of exchanged memory modules. An official model with this equipment is also supposed to appear shortly.

The modder “VIK-on”, already noticed by the corresponding upgrades for doubling the memory in the RTX 2070, 3070 and 3080 Ti, recently took on the aging middle class graphics card Geforce RTX 2060 and replaced the existing memory modules with suitable chips, which have twice the memory capacity compared to the original components . Corresponding 14 Gbit / s modules of a mobile GPU were used.

As the associated YouTube video shows, the card is then also correctly recognized by software such as GPU-Z and reports a capacity of 12,288 MB. The card also seems to work mostly flawlessly, apart from the problem with occasional black screens, which is the same bug that “VIK-on” encountered in previous mods. The solution, however, is relatively simple: the GPU only needs to be switched to performance mode via the 3D settings in the Nvidia control panel.

The modder has meanwhile only tested the upgraded graphics card in crypto mining and in Unigine superposition tests, where it showed roughly the same performance as a 6 GiB model. The modified map has now been sent to the makers of the YouTube channel “Pro Hi-Tech”, who are supposed to test the map in detail.

Background to RTX 2060 12 GiB

According to current information, the official memory upgrade of the Geforce RTX 2060, which was first published in early 2019, will not appear next January, as initially suspected, but according to current information from the rumor mill on December 7th. At this point in time it is unclear whether further changes besides the memory upgrade are planned for the card. The RTX 2060 debuted at the time with a slimmed-down TU106 GPU with 1,920 CUDA cores and 6 GiB 192-bit memory that runs at 14 Gbit / s.

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