BigPanda, a company that leverages Artificial Intelligence to analyze IT system vulnerabilities, has announced the release of a new suite of APIs. These new self-service APIs are intended to simplify AIOps (artificial intelligence for IT operations) integrations for the company’s enterprise customers. 

The new technology suite includes APIs for handling environments, correlation patterns, and incidents. The company imagines these APIs allowing customers to automate tasks that otherwise cause backlogs​. Elik Eizenberg, co-founder and CTO at BigPanda, outlined this benefit in the Resource announcement:

“Automating repeated tasks and workflows is key to accelerating incident response and allowing IT Ops to keep up with the pace of change and innovation that DevOps and SRE teams need to thrive.”

The new Environments API from BigPanda empowers developers to “reduce complex manual configuration by templatizing and automating the creation and configuration of environments at scale.” With the Correlation Patterns API, users can process automatically generated patterns, allowing for increased speed of item turnover. Lastly, the Incidents API allows developers to engage with complex incident search and management capabilities.